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A Personal Video Message from Santa on DVD

Imagine your child's face as Santa talks to them from the TV!
------------- "...Harrison, how wonderful to see you..."
The next generation of personalised gifts has arrived in the form of a beautifully filmed, close up and personalised video message from Santa on DVD. Santa talks to your child directly in a magical film sequence.
The DVD begins with a snowy moonlit night as the camera zooms in on what's revealed to be Santa's workshop. Cue Santa! He's overjoyed to be speaking to your child and tells of what he's been doing since he last saw them. Amongst the toys in his workshop he’ll show a gift tag with their name on it too!
There are 2 message variations so siblings get different messages. In message 1 Santa speaks about the heavy snow and how the snowmen are growing everyday. In message 2 he finishes his conversation with Jack Frost (no less) on the telephone and then talks to your child. PLEASE NOTE: whilst the messages vary the bonus content and stories are identical.

Questions Pre and Post Sales

My DVD hasn't arrived
Answer 1:
Are you sure it's due? The date you submitted with your order is a Send date. In other words that is the day we post it. Although always mailed First Class it can sometimes take up to 4 days for the item to arrive in the UK (though the vast majority arrive the next day). For other parts of Europe it can take a week and for outside Europe up to 12 days.

Answer 2:  

Check you order status as My Account. If your order says "Sent" and today's date is your Sent date + 4 days (excluding Sundays) then please email or call us so we can investigate/send a replacement. Please don't contact us before (Sent date + 4 days excluding Sundays) unless you cannot wait for Sent date + 4 days because of going away/birthdays etc. - Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Do you send the DVD to the child or a grown up?  

Like our personalised letters from Santa, the DVDs are designed to be a pre-Christmas gift from Santa to a child and as such they are addressed directly to the child. We think this is the magical way of doing it. You simply enter the child's address on the booking form though of course a grown up might like a personal DVD message from Santa too!.

Can you have Santa mention 2 or more children on one DVD message?  
No sorry this is not possible. All the personal messages have been filmed with Santa speaking to one name per DVD. As such we are unable to add two names.  
Is the DVD message for Christmas Day or before?  
Oh before Christmas Day! Can you really wait that long? Just like our Santa Letters you can have the DVD sent to your child anytime n November or December. Our last First Class post is the 20th December.  
I have more than 2 children are the DVDs all different?  
We have filmed 2 messages for over 1100 unique names and spelling variations. So if you are buying for 2 children then make sure you select the alternative message-types (Heavy Snow story and/or Jack Frost story) for the 2nd child. It's not important which message type you select because they are both just as wonderful. If you have more than 2 children, they will still all have their own personalised DVDs because Santa will speak their name and the Disc will also have their name on it for them to treasure. Please note that whilst the messages are very different the fireside stories and interview with Santa are the same.  
Does the DVD come with a Letter From Santa?  
For just an optional £2 more yes it can do. Our famous Santa Letter Classic with FREE door hanger can be included. This option brings extra magic because Santa can be seen writing on the very same stationary as the letter the child receives. Such believability! The North Pole logo on the envelop matched the log on the DVD cover and disc too for an all round Santa experience. You can also add our exclusive "Born At The North Pole" Snowman.  
Do you post the DVD all around the world?  
Yes we do apart from regions that don't use the PAL system such as the USA.  
You don't have my Child's name on DVD what can I do?  
Please check your spelling and try first name only (we do have some hyphenated first names) only. If however the page says Santa has NOT filmed a DVD message for your child's name it means exactly that. Or you may have typed incorrectly and remember try First Name only. We are really sorry, but we have tried to cater for the vast majority of names but the expense and logistics of filing every single name is prohibitive. If you would like to suggest a name for future inclusion then please feel free to do so.  
My Serial Number and PIN don't work  
If you have been able to input your Child's name then the combination of numbers has worked and the voucher has been activated so there is no fault with the login. If however the page says Santa has NOT filmed a DVD message for your child's name it means exactly that. You will need to speak to your retailer about refunds. Or you may have typed incorrectly and remember try First Name only.  
Question still not answered?  
Please email with details of your order including your order ID/Question and supply the email address you used to order with if different from the reply address in the email you send to us.  

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