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A Phone Call From Santa

Call Not Happened or Late
1. Please check the call details in My Account
2. The 23rd and Christmas Eve are very busy and it is not unusual for Santa to get held up on some calls and is playing catch up. Please be patient and explain to any waiting child/children that Santa is very busy testing his sleigh and checking his list and he will call just as soon as he can.

3. Make sure you have "Unknown Caller Barring" switched off. Santa will use 141 before he calls to prevent call backs.

4. Santa may not call if he thinks it was scheduled at an unreasonable time in error such as 11.30 at night to6.30 in the morning. Although we have warnings on the site, some users still opt to book these times. Often they are prank calls designed to wake a grown up. We only offer 30% refunds for these. The suggestion is to rebook at a suitable time for a child and then apply for a refund on the original call using the email below.

5. Call to people over 17 years old may not be made (at Santa's discretion). When booked as a prank these calls can be distressing for both the recipient and Santa and ties up valuable resources. We only offer 30% refunds for these.

NOTE: Please be aware that although extremely rare Santa may miss the call altogether due to human error or a system error.
(Last year's success rate was 954 per 1000 calls)

In most cases we will refund in full for each missed call - just just as importantly please tell your child that Santa is very sorry, but it was either call them and risk not making it to their house on time with all their presents or to leave now before the snow gets too heavy - even without making his call to them.

If you can't get hold of us during these busy times - please try and re-order another Santa Call and we will refund your origanal order if it was our fault as soon after Xmas as possible.

Question still not answered?  
Please email with details of your order including your order ID/Question and supply the email address you used to order with if different from the reply address in the email you send to us.  

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