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Letters From Santa With Optional Gifts

All children love to get Letters from Santa. Highly personalised and with tales of the North Pole you can add wonderful extras such as Mrs Claus' Cookie Mix, a Video Message, a Born At The North Pole Elf or Santa's Magic Snow.


Can be delivered between 15 Nov 2018 and Christmas Eve (guaranteed)!

See a sample of our templates (stories) and how the personalisation is woven into Santa's Letter.

Watch my video about Letters from Santa

2nd letter for £4.49
Santa Letter Classic — From £4.99
The original and best Santa Letter.
1st letter £4.99 subsequent £4.49
Santa Letter Special — £12.99
Classic Letter From Santa.
Cute Born At The North Pole Elf
Santa Letter Magic Snow — £8.98
Classic Letter with Magic Snow.
Plus awesome Festive Tattoo set
Santa Letter Cookie-Mix — £9.95
Cookie Mix and Letter from Santa.
Video clip of Mrs baking the cookies.
Santa Letter DVD — £14.99
Personal Message from Santa on DVD & Letter.
With or Without Santa Letter
Santa Letter Deluxe — £16.98
Classic Letter with Magic Snow.
Cute Dangly Elf and Tattoo Set