Wow a Personal Video Message from Santa on DVD & Letter

Filmed at the North Pole Santa DVD & Letter

Wow a Personal Video Message from Santa on DVD with a Personalised Letter too (for just £2.00 extra)

Imagine your child's face as Santa talks to them from the TV!

"...Harrison, how wonderful to see you..."

The next generation of personalised gifts has finally arrived in the form of a beautifully filmed, close up and personalised video message from Santa on DVD.

Santa talks to the child directly in a magical film sequence. The DVD begins with a snowy moonlit night as the camera zooms in on what's revealed to be Santa's workshop. Cue Santa! He's overjoyed to be speaking to your child and tells of what he's been doing since he last saw them. Amongst the toys in his workshop he’ll show a gift tag with their name on it too!

Such excitement! So believable!

"Santa is so convincing and is a natural in front of the camera" — The North Pole Times

Over 50 minutes of added value content – including Fireside Stories With Santa and Santa's Q&A Session. Have you ever wondered how Santa can deliver your presents if you don't have a Chimney? Well, Santa answers this and many other burning questions in a truly magical way.

From Aaron to Zoe, the personally filmed messages cater for the vast majority of children.

There are 4 personalised elements:

Santa has filmed 2 unique messages for every child's name meaning siblings get a different message.

Bonus features included on the DVD

Fireside Stories

Santa tells 6 short stories whilst sitting in his red leather winged-back chair as the fire roars, the Christmas tree twinkles and snow can be seen falling out of the window. Unscripted and very casually, Santa tells charming tales from around the world (Santa fumbles for words at times when telling his stories, but the these moments are left in the edits for authenticity).

Santa's Questions & Answers

Santa answers the most popular question that kids always ask. Such as, "How do you get around the world in one night?". Santa answers brilliantly and most important of all, convincingly.