Prerecorded Santa Calls For good kids only!


Make this Christmas special with telephone call from Father Christmas.

Our pre-recorded Santa Calls are a wonderful alternative to our Live Santa Calls that get booked up very quickly.

We've been running pre-recorded Santa Calls from Santa since 1999 and each year and we are constantly amazed at the wonderful reaction and responses we get from customers. Our pre-recorded Santa calls are performed by an actor and although the part is pre-recorded, they are cleverly scripted and performed in such a way to encourage a little interaction.

These Santa Calls are just perfect for kids up to 9 years old as interaction is limited. They are gender and age specific and Santa will call to the minute on the day you choose. Mobiles are OK too. Most countries are covered by this unique service.

The operator will ask for the child by name and on pressing 1 - Santa will begin his cleverly scripted and magical call (performed by a professional actor).

Give your child (or boss/colleague) this simply wonderful experience. Only two hours notice required.

Santa can call on any day including Christmas Eve (subject to availability) A special certificate for each child called by Santa (optional extra) Only 2 hours notice required - so ask Santa to call tonight!

1000's of kids already beaming from ear to ear!

Have Santa phone a friend for a joke (or wonderful experience).

Simple form to complete with instant confirmation.