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  1. How do Santa Calls work?
  2. When do I need to book a Santa Call?
  3. Can anyone with an ordinary telephone receive a Santa Call?
  4. What time do Santa Calls happen?
  5. I have more than one Child to book for, how do I do it?
  6. What does Santa say?
  7. What does Santa sound like?
  8. What if the recipient's telephone is engaged when Santa calls?
  9. I booked a Santa Call and it didn't happen, what now?
  10. Who is behind Santa Calls?

How do Santa Calls work?

A scheduled telephone call is made by a computerised telephony system to a telephone number submitted with the order. The Santa Call can be arranged for any country in the world, but Santa will only speak in English. At the date and time specified, we will call the telephone number given and the operator will inform the recipient that they have a call waiting from Santa Claus (the operator will ask for the name given in the booking form). The child is then asked to "press number 1" to connect to Santa Claus. A pre-recorded interactive message is then initiated. The recipient's phone is not billed nor charged for the Santa Call. No advertising is associated with the Santa Call.


When do I need to book a Santa Call?

You can arrange for a Santa Call to happen up to 26 weeks before your chosen date and time. Please note that our telephone system can handle a few hundred calls per hour, so if you want to choose a popular time for your Santa Call, (i.e.7 PM. on Christmas Eve) we advise you to book early to avoid disappointment. Remember that booking early will also save you money! The price for a Santa Call booked in December may be as much as 50% higher. You can also book a Santa Call to happen with just 2 hours notice.

Tip: If Santa is to ring your house at short notice and you use the same line for Internet access, make sure you are disconnected.


Can anyone with an ordinary telephone receive a Santa Call?

Yes! Although the scheduled Santa Call is ordered via the Internet using a secure payment environment, the Santa Call can be made to any phone, anywhere in the world at anytime. The operator will instruct the recipient to "press number 1" to continue. If they do not have a touch-tone phone then Santa Claus will start speaking after 60 Seconds.


What time do Santa Calls happen?

A Santa Call can happen at anytime you choose. The booking form will ask you for a date and "time to call".


I have more than one Child to book for, how do I do it?

Not a problem. We do not recommend children sharing one Santa Call because each child will love to listen intently and feel special that Santa has called them in particular. You can book up to 10 Santa Calls on one credit card. When you have booked your first call, go back and follow the same procedure and select your relevant criteria for each Santa Call.

Tip: 1. Space each Santa Call 15 minutes apart. This will give the excited children time to tell you what Santa said to them before the next call comes in.
Tip: 2. Because the Santa Calls are personalised keep your purchase receipt and remember the order the Santa Calls are scheduled.


What does Santa say?

When you arrange a Santa Call you can choose the particular message-style that best suits the child. Each category is tailored to the level of comprehension associated with their age group. In the age group 3-7 Santa will use words that the children will understand. For example: Boy or Girl Ages 3-7 Lines include: "..don't forget to leave Rudolph his carrot.." & "..my Chief Elf tells me you have been a very good boy(girl) this year..." Ages 8+ Lines include: "It's Santa Claus here, I just thought I'd give you a quick call to say we're on our way...." & "...let me check with my brand new in-sleigh Christmas Present Tracker, it tells me what toys you want for Christmas..." Calls to your Your Boss Male or Female Lines include: .."Good day to you Sir(Madam), I have been asked to call you by your very hard working staff.." & "they would like some extra time off this year to allow them time to get you some very special Christmas presents, like a new personality, your first professional haircut..oh and a teach yourself to smile audio cassette.."

Tip: Make sure your boss has a good sense of humour!


What does Santa sound like?

Santa Claus is brought to wonderful life by much respected actor, Richard Carrington who has spent many years playing the Vicar in BBC Radio's long running drama "The Archers". Although pre-recorded, each Santa Call sounds incredibly "live" and allows some interaction with the child too.


What if the phone is engaged when Santa Calls?

Each Santa Call is programmed to happen when you want it to. If , however, the recipient's phone is engaged then Cyber Santa will re-dial the number 10 times at 2 minute intervals or until connected successfully.

Tip: Make sure you inform the recipient's parent/guardian of the pending Santa Call and tell them to keep the line free!


What if I book a Santa Call and it doesn't happen?

A pre-booked Santa Call will happen! The Telecom computer system is programmed to deliver a call to your specification. The notification page and emailed receipt you receive upon successful submission of your order, will only be generated once the computer has accepted your criteria. The only way a Santa Call will seem not to have occurred is if you have specified an incorrect telephone number. In which case somebody you don't know had a wonderful surprise! If Santa tries to call and the telephone number is engaged or their is no reply, he will retry 10 times at at 2 minute intervals.

Tip: 1. Make sure the recipient is in the house at the scheduled time of the Santa Call
Tip: 2. If it is a gift for a child other than your own, then tell their parent / guardian you have arranged the Santa Call.


Who is behind Santa Calls?

has been trading since 1999 and are pioneers in providing world class greetings from Santa.