Santa Letter Deluxe

Santa North Pole logo A Santa Letter Deluxe letter

Same great Santa Letter as our Classic (FREE door hanger) and with luxury feel 'Born At The North Pole' Elf, Santa's Magic Snow and Festive Tattoo Set (all exclusive to

Exclusive to

A cute Born At The North Pole Elf Teddy. - (all exclusive to

Santa's Magic Snow and Fetsive Tattoo Set

Using top secret techniques and magic formulas, the snow that actually fell from Santa's roof just last week (apparently) is magically converted to a fine powder that just needs water adding to transform it back into white fluffy snow – and as if by magic, the snow grows before your very eyes up to an amazing 40 times its original size! The gift pack comes with Christmas figures to be cut out and placed in the festive fluff.

Includes Santa's Temporary Kid-Safe Festive Tattoos. Little ones love fun tattoos and this set of 7 festive tattoos have been exclusively designed for and include some of the imagery they will see on the Santa Classic Letter and Envelope. Absolutely magical.

FREE access to an online cartoon depicting how Santa's Magic Snow is made.

All packaged together with Santa's Letter and Santa will mention the early Christmas gift in his letter (only if you want him to do so).

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